Who Attends

DEC conference organizing scale is promoted to a much higher level since DEC 2015 and 2016 held. Ministry of land and Resources of PRC, National Energy Administration and State Oceanic Administration, CNOOC, CNPC, SINOPEC, CSSC and CSIC give full support to DEC. Conference topic is expanded to ocean oil & gas exploitation, offshore engineering equipment, ocean renewable energy and marine resources fields. Industrial authoritative 500 experts and more than 11 national academicians participate in DEC. Conference scale, level and academic standard of DEC 2017 will be much higher on the basis of governmental agencies, enterprises and experts’ support.

Learn from the past and know the present , the previous participant representatives may be able to show who will take part in DEC conference 2017 this year.

Partial Previous Participant Representative

Bai Yong Professor of Zhe Jiang University College of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Cai Qiao Director General of People’s Government Haikou City

Cao Yuancai GM of Hainan Taixin Mining Industry Co.,Ltd

Zeng Hai Secretary of the Party Committee of China Petroleum Liaohe Equipment Company

Chen Chaohe Assistant Dean of South China university of Technology Civil&Transportation Engineering

Chen Daoyi Dean of Tsinghua University Ocean Science&Technology Department

Chen Gang Deputy GM of Shanghai Waigaoqiao shipbuilding Co.,Ltd

Chen Haiyan Professor of Shanghai Marinetime University Ocean Material&Science

Chen Jianchun Director General of Department of Land and Resource of Hainan Province

Chen Min VP of Chevron Chemical (China) Government relationship and BD

Chen Qiang Vice President of China CEFC Energy Company Ltd

Chen Rongqi Chief Engineer of COOEC

Chen She VP of Hainan Harbor

Chen Xinhua President of Statoil (China) &shipping holdings Co.,Ltd

Chen Xuanzheng GM of Shell (China) Project Control Dept.

Chen Yu Researcher of Lloyd's Register of Shipping Global technology Center

Chen Zhongqian Chairman of board of CSSC Huang Pu Wen Chong Shipingbuilding Co.,Ltd

Chi Yanfen Director of Sinopec Shengli Oil Construction Engineering

Cui Jin GM of Ge Lang (Shanghai) Marine Technology Consultation

Shan Xueyong Deputy GM of CNOOC Oil Extraction service

Shan Zhongping Senior Supervisor of CNOOC Science&Technology development Dept.

Deng Guochi Deputy GM of CEFC (Hainan) International Holdings Ltd

Di Bing Manager of COSL FUGRO (Shenzhen)

Ding Wei Deputy GM of CHiwan Shengbaowang Engineering

Du Feiyan Vice Director of South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Science

Du Gang Deputy GM of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC)

Du Xiangwan Former Vice Principal of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Fan Chunming Principal of CNPC Baoji Oil Mechanical Company research Institute (Chengdu)

Feng Houjun Chief Engineer Institute Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization State Oceanic Administration

Feng Yansheng President of Hainan Province Ocean Geology Survey Research Institute

Fu Xiangfeng GM of Bank of China Hainan Province branch

Gao Fuping Researcher of Institute of Mechanics Chinese Academy of Science

GaoYuan Chief Engineer of COOEC Subsea Technology Co.,Ltd

Gu Guobiao GM of Hansun(Shanghai) Offshore Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd

Guan Yifeng Professor of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

Guo Dacheng President of China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry

Guo Jian Chief Representative of Norwegian Oil and Gas Partners intsok

Guo Jianchun Pro-Vice-chancellor of Southwest Petroleum University

Guo Shaohua GM of Ou Run Mechanical&Electrical Technology Service Ltd

Han Yong Director General of Hainan People’s Government Department of Industry and Information

Guo Wei Vice Director of CNOOC Planning Dept.

He Baosheng Deputy GM of CNOOC Brazil Libra Project professional Service

He Runmin Vice Secretary of CNPC Southwest oil & gas field Company Natural gas Research Institute

He Yanqing Director of CNPC Economics&Technology Research Institute

Hou Jinlin Vice Principal of CNOOC Research Institute Engineering Research Design Institute

Hu Peiyuan Consultant of the State Council

Hu Zhe Deputy GM of China Construction steel structure Corp.Ltd

Huang Gang Deputy GM of Tianjin Baili Industrial Product Supply Chain Co.,Ltd

Huang Guangtao Vice Director of Sinopec Survey

Huang Jun Vice Principal of Hainan Province Ocean Geology Survey Research Institute

Huang Yehua Vice Director General of CNOOC Bohai Petroleum Administration

Huang Yi Professor of Dalian University of Technology

Huang Zhiqiang Director General of Southwest Petroleum University College of Mechanical and Electrical

Jiang Jianjun Director of Technology & international cooperation department Ministry of Land and Natural Resource of PRC

Jiang Junyan Chief Representative of Petrofac Oil Engineering Ltd

Jiang Guancheng Professor of China University of Petroleum Beijing Petroleum Engineering College

Jiao Fangzheng VP of Sinopec

Jiao Nianzhi Academician of the Chinese academy of sciences

Jin Xiaojian GM of CNOOC Planning Dept.

Jing Baojin Director of CSSC MARIC Offshore Engineering Dept.

Leng Mingquan Secretary General of Hainan Province enterprise Directors Association

Li Binghui GM of GE shipping business (China)

Li Chenggang Vice Manager of COSL

Li Jianmin Division chief of CNOOC Engineering Construction Dept.

Li Jingjing VP of Statoil (China)

Li linmei Director of Institute Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization State Oceanic Administration

Li Xinzhong Vice Principal of CNOOC Research Institute

Li Xuefu Vice Director of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Production Operation Management Center

Li Yao President of SIA Energy

Liang Tao GM of Beijing BWG Petroleum Science&Technology Ltd

Lin Yifeng Deputy of Shanghai Investigation,Design&Research Institute Co.,Ltd

Lin Zhongqin President of Shanghai Jiao tong University (SJTU) and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Liu Bo CEO of GE (China) Electricity Power Conversion

Liu Ciggui Governor of People’s Government Hainan Province

Liu Liyong GM of ZC forevision (Beijing) Science&Technology Development Ltd

Liu Ming GM of Wei Shi Kai De(Tianjin) Petroleum Engineering Co.,Ltd

Liu Qingyou President of Xihua University

Liu Yan Chairman of Board of Shanghai

Liu Yang President of HOPEC

Liu Yikun Dean of Northeast Petroleum University Petroleum Engineering

Liu Yiyong Engineer of COOEC (Shenzhen)

Liu Yingjie PM of CSOC

Liu Zhenping Deputy GM of CNOOC Energy Development (Tianjin) Branch

Liu Zhenwen Director of CNPC Engineering Technology Research Offshore Engineering

Liu Zhiyong President of American Next Energy

Liu Cungen Assistant Dean of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Long Yaxin VP of ABB (China) Ltd

Lou Danping Vice Chief Engineer of Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group)Co.,Ltd

Lu Zhiyuan Sectary General of People’s Government of Hainan Province

Luo Hongzhi Director General of Sinopec Safety Supervision Bureau Safety Supervision Dept.

Luo Kun Vice Principal of Hainan Ocean Geology Survey Research Institute

Luo Qingxiu Deputy GM of Yichang Haohai Science&Technology Development Ltd

Luo Song Vice Chief Engineer of CSIC Kunming Test Factory 750


Lv Caixia Chief Engineer of State Oceanic Administration

Lv Zhaojun Deputy GM of Weihai Hongtong Tubing Co.,Ltd

Ma Qingfen Vice Dean of Hainan University Mechanical&electrical Engineering

Ma Shanjin Deputy GM of CNOOC Environmental Protection Service (Tianjin) Ltd

Mao Chaofeng Executive Vice Governor of People’s Government Hainan Province

Meng Qinglong Engineer of National Ocean Technology Center

Meng Qingyi Chairman of Board of Hebei Hengan Taidi Oil Tube Ltd

Mo Yongchun Senior Engineer of CNPC Planning Institute

Ni Qiang Mayor of People’s Government of Haikou City

Nie Jianwei Chief Engineer of CNOOC Energy Development Oil Extraction Service Technology Center

Pei Jianwen GM of Guo Tou Fu Bao Yangpu Tank area Quayside Ltd

Peng Hongwei Designer of Sinopec Engineering Design Ltd

Qian Xiang President of GE oil & gas(China)

Qiu Aici Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Qiu Zhenge Professor of Shanghai Ocean University

Ren Zilong VP of ABB (China) Ltd

Ruan Hongjun Engineer of CSSC Shanghai Shipping Research Design Institute

Sha Qiu Senior Engineer of CNPC Petroleum Exploitation&Product branch

Shen Mohe GM of Beijing Testwell Ltd

Shen Xuchun Manager of SDI (Shenzhen)

Shen Qiang Sales Director of PAG(Dalian)

Shen Yijun Chief Engineer of ROSEN Group

Shi Tingting PM of Qingdao National Lab for Marine Science and Technology

Shi Wencai GM of GE oil&natural gas deepwater drilling business (China)

Song Jiwen Vice Chief Engineer of CNOOC Xin Ke Co.,Ltd

Sun Fujie General Manager of CNOOC Science&Technology Development Department

Sun Guihua Director General Assistant of Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey Bureau

Sun Naiwen Engineer of CNPC Economical Technology Research Institute

Sun Shiwen Mayor of Haikou City People’s Government

Sun Wei Deputy GM of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)

Sun Zhiqiao Deputy GM of R&T

Sun Zhongliang Deputy GM of Julong brazing

Tan Liang CEO of Tidfore Heavy-equipment Group

Tan Yexue Chairman of Board of’ CNOOC MSPDRILEX Company

Tang Rongnian Assistant Dean of Hainan University College of Mechanical Engineering

Tian Lixin Principal of CNOOC Boahi Oil Research Institute

Tian Zhao Product Manager of OLDHAM(Shanghai)

Wang Yanguo Vice Director of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)

Wang Chuan Director of State Oceanic Administration Ocean Research 2

Wang Dongbao Research development Director of AutoSubsea(Shanghai)

Wang Huaming Professor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Wang Jin Director of Beijing COTEC

Wang Jin Vice-principal of Asia-Pacific Financial Research Institute

Wang Linlin Dean of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Ocean oil & gas

Wang Luhao Director of Lloyd's Register of Shipping Global technology Center

Wang Peng Dean of Northwestern Polytechnical University Mechanical and Engine Engineering

Wang Tao GM of CNOOC Engineering Construction Dept.

Wang Wenlong Senior Supervisor of CNOOC South China Sea Oil Management Administration

Wang Yi Deputy GM of Shanxi Navigation Beidou Technology CO., LTD

Wang Yongxue Professor of Dalian University of Technology

Wang Zongli Director of Ministry of land and Resources of PRC oil & gas center

Wei Yong Secretary of the Party Committee of Hainan Tropical Ocean University

Wei Liucheng Vice Director of National People’s Congress Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee of PRC

Wei Yungang VP of BV

Wu Chenxi Offshore engineering technology and BD Dept. Manager of ABS

Wu Guoqiang Geologist of CNPC Houston Unconventional oil & gas reservation and storage Dept.

Wu Jingchun Professor of Northeast Petroleum University

Wu Yingxiang Researcher of Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wu Guangqi VP of CNOOC

Xia Hongwen Deputy GM of China Huanqiu Contracting&Engineering Co.,Ltd

Xiang Lianli Project Supervisor of Shanghai Naili Valve Ltd

Xiao Xiaoling Vice Chief Engineer of Shan ye Marine Services Co.,Ltd

Xie Bin Director of CNOOC Research Institute Technology Development Center and

  Deputy Director of Deepwater engineering key Lab

Xie Jing Chairman of board of Hainan Development Holdings Co.,Ltd

Xie Maolin Regional Manager of CNOOC Bohai Oil Administration Construction Center

Xie Xingguo Chief Reprehensive of Fluor Corporation (China)

Xie Yuhong Chief Geologist of CNOOC

Xing Jingbao Director General of Sinopec Shanghai Offshore Oil Administration

Xu Gendi Chairman of Board of Shenzhen City Deweisheng Diving Engineering

Xu Shuduo Chairman of Board of Qingdao Light Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd

Xu Haidong PM of CNOOC Energy Development Oil Extraction Company

Yan Xihai Chairman of Board of Shandong ZHong Ke Biology Co.,Ltd

Yang Chaoyun Vice Principal of Hainan Province Ocean Geologist Survey Research Institute

Yang Dongke Oil Exploitation center Director of Shengli Oilfield

Yang Jianmin Dean of School of Naval architecture and Civil Engineering of Shang Hai Jiao Tong University

Yang Jin Assistant Dean of Offshore engineering Research Institute of China University of Petroleum

Yang Lili GM of Mei Hai Wellt offshore Engineering (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd

Yang Sudong Doctor of Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics&Chemistry CAS

Yang Zhaozhong Professor of Southwest Petroleum University

Yang Zhou GM of Chengdu Chuang Ju oil & gas Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd

Yang Zuosheng Professor of Ocean University of China

Ye Jianliang Director General of Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey

Yin Yong Associate Professor of Nanjing University

Yin Yongjing Director of RG Petro-Machinery Group Co.,Ltd

Yu Ya Vice President of CMIC

Yu Chengping GM of Kvaerner Engineering Technology (Beijing) Ltd

Yu Baocai VP of CNPC

Zeng Hengyi Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zhang Fufeng GM of Zhengzhou Wanda Heavy industry Co.,Ltd

Zhang Jianbo Director of Sinopec Offshore Oil Engineering Technology Inspection center

Zhang Jiangkui General Manager of CEFC (Hainan) International Holdings Ltd

Zhang Jun Director General of Department of Ocean and Fisheries of Hainan Province

Zhang Liming Associate professor of China University of Petroleum

Zhang Li Chief Engineer of CNOOC Research Institute

Zhang Liehui Vice President of Southwest Petroleum University

Zhang Shihua Vice Principal of Sinopec Shengli Petroleum engineering Technical Research Institute

Zhang Wenqian Managing Director of Huina Marine Ltd

Zhang Xiaoling Chief Engineer of CNOOC Piping Company

Zhang Xiaoyu Director of Bohai Equipment Liaohe Heavy Industry Ltd

Zhang Xinfang Chief Engineer of Provincial Land and Resource of Hainan Province

Zhang Yongze Deputy GM of Sinopec Group Equipment fabrication Sub-company

Zhang Yuntong Deputy GM of CNPC Offshore Engineering Ltd

Zhang Zhanwen GM of CNPC Liaohe Oilfield Hainan oil & gas Survey Sub-company

Zhang Zhenke Professor of Nanjing University Geology and Ocean Science School

Zhang Zhiyong Vice Director of China Geology Survey Bureau Basis Dept.

Zhang Zhongshi Chairman of Board of New Material Co.,Ltd

Zhao Chan Strategy Research Supervisor of COOEC

Zhao Zhijian GM of COSCO-Shipyard Technology center

Zhen Yanzhong Vice Professor of Yanan University Petroleum engineering and environmental engineering school

Zhou Shouwei Vice Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zhou Shuhe Division Chief of CNPC offshore engineering Ltd technology Section

Zhou Xinjun Director of Jiangsu Zhong Haida Ocean geomatics Dept.

Zhu Genmin Professor of Zhejiang Ocean College

Zhu Huayou Vice Director of Hainan Province People’s Government development and reform committee

Zhu Kai VP of CCS

Zhu Xiaohuan GM of COOEC Tech-Science&information Dept.

Zhu Zhongrong Assistant Plant Manager of CSIC Group Kunming 751 Test Factory

Zhu Zhouyuan Professor of China (Beijing) Petroleum University Ship and ocean engineering

David Wu Managing GM of Landmakr Capital

Donny NG GM of Lundun Marine Consultation (Tianjin) Ltd Shanghai

James Desantis MHWirth Regional Manager

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