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The Academic Committee Director of DEC Academician Zeng Hengyi Visited CEFC China Having a Communication Negotiation on Ocean Energy Think-Tank. June 20, 2017

On the morning of June 20, 2017, under the coordination and arrangement of CEFC Hainan International Holdings Limited, deputy chief engineer of CNOOC and DEC Academic Committee director academician Zeng Hengyi, and general manager of ZC Forevision technology development co., Ltd. and secretary general of the deepwater energy conference(DEC) Mr. Liu Liyong,and a party of people visited the shanghai headquarters of CEFC China,and were received and met by Vice President of CEFC China Chen Qiang and other leaders. After the Vice President Chen introduced CEFC China's development process and future planning and the visiting guests watched the company promo, the visiting guests expressed their great shock and encouragement, highly agreed with CEFC China's corporate culture of “Arising with Strength and Achieving with Goodness” and development philosophy of “Acquiring Overseas Resources and Serving National Strategies”, and considered that CEFC China is the model of Chinese enterprises and the pride of the nation.

During the talks, academician Zeng elaborated domestic and international macro background of the construction of the marine energy research institute, global energy situation, national strategic opportunities and research direction of think tank, Vice President Chen expressed his support for the think tank on behalf of CEFC China and President Ye Jianming, and put forward proposals for ductility and specific requirements, and General Manager Liu of ZC Forevision introduced the latest situation and the preparation line of think tank. Both two sides have conducted candid and efficient exchanges and discussions and achieved a consistent and productive consensus on ccelerating progress, cooperation details, implementation of the plan and so on. With the hope of being supported by the government of Hainan province and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, both of the two sides want to jointly accelerate the construction of think tank, build a new think tank with chinese characteristics, offer wisdom and advices to serve the national strategy.

The participating leaders also include: Fang Xiaoming,the former chief engineer of Engineering Construction Department of China National Offshore Oil Corporation(CNOOC); Zhang Yaping, managing director of CEFC Shanghai Guohui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.;Li Shuai,the chairman of Guo Yi Cultural Industries Holding Limited; Yang Yong,deputy general manager of ZC Forevision Technology Development Co., Ltd., and so on.

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