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The First Preparatory Meeting of DEC 2017 Held in Haikou. 2017-4-19

DEC has been hosted two-time through common effort of People’s Government of Hainan Province, People’s Government of Haikou City, CNOOC and ZC forevision (Beijing) Science&Technology Development Ltd.” The largest advantage is rich in marine resources and energy in Hainan” Liu Cigui, Governor of Hainan Province, when he conferred with VIP participators during DEC 2016 additionally mentioned that. “Hainan province will continue to deepen Hainan deep-water energy and resource exploitation and further cooperation with CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC,CSSC,CSIC and science&research institute and university etc.

In order to match with host unit leader’s disposition and aim of being NO.1 domestics China and professional conference influence on international, Bureau of Convention&Exhibition of Haikou City and DEC Organizing Committee jointly invited CNOOC and ZC forevision (Beijing) Science&Technology Development Ltd participators to go to Haikou dated Apr 19th 2017 on further DEC 2017 coordination and communication on conference organization, conference schedule, theme topic, work responsibility, conference place, conference time and key issues. Conference agenda, work responsibility, hotel conference hall and organization structure was determined through a day discussion. Reaching a consensus and confirmation on DEC arrangement lays an excellent foundation in pushing conference forward to be successful.

Participators include Zhang Xinfang,Cai Qiao,Wang Yuansong,Chen Wei,Zeng Hengyi,Zhang Fengliu,Xie Bin,Liu Liyong,Xu Shuxia,Zhu Xiaohuan,Liu Wei,Lu Jian,Chen Huimin and Hou Zhiwei.

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